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Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Busineses with multiple locations / branches need a seamless way to connect their locations together. A WAN will allow you to connect sites together as if they were one, and even to hosted resources in our Private Cloud.

Flownet's WAN and infrastructure services improve productivity, reduce frustrations from legacy hardware, and enable your business to do what it does best!

Cloud with interconnected devices on a WAN
How does it work?

What is a Wide Area Network?

Just as you have a Local Area Network (LAN) which connects devices in your local office, a WAN connects your offices together. Businesses with multiple sites require a reliable WAN to connect their branches, that can cope with sites having varied systems and infrastructure requirements.

From high-speed dedicated Ethernet circuits, to FTTC & ADSL connections, we can provide flexible WAN services bespoke for your business, to unite your branches and remote workers in one seamless and highly efficient experience.

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Flownet's Wide Area Networks

Wide Area Networks are instrumental in connecting your business locations together in a single, unified experience. However, connecting multiple different office networks can be challenging. Often, networks can grow organically over time, due to company mergers or simply being implemented at different times, resulting in differing configurations and deployments. At Flownet, we understand the benefits to your business from having a single, unified infrastructure making it more effective and easier to manage.

Flownet are able to 'take a step back', to review what you require from a WAN service. We'll survey your current deployment, then work with you to analyse future requirements (based on your future business growth goals & objectives). Flownet WANs are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring where possible, future expansions are easy - enabling you to securely exchange company traffic between all sites, as if they were in the same building. All of our WANs include:

Service Provisioning

Delivery of your Flownet WAN

Your Flownet WAN can be delivered in a number of ways, all using either single path connections (ideal for small sites), or dual-path / redundant connections, which are ideal for larger sites or those with requirements where uninterupted internet service is paramount. At Flownet, we understand that reliable connectivity in today's always-on world is a necessity. That's why all of our WAN services come with the ability to have single or dual-path (redundant) delivery to each site. We also understand that not all sites require redundant connectivity, so this is flexible per-site, even down to the delivery method. For any particular site, your Flownet WAN service can be delivered as:

— Ethernet Circuit (leased line) up to 10Gbps - single-path or redundant
— 3G / 4G
— FTTC (VDSL) - up to 80mbps / 20mbps (download/upload)
— SoGEA (FTTC speeds, data only, without the analogue telephone - the future of broadband service following the PSTN switch-off)

All of the above services can be delivered by their own, or as a combination. For example: you could have a site with a FTTC primary connection, and a 4G backup. Flownet can advise the best combination for any particular site, based on business requirements. Let us remove the doubt, and provide you with a fast, efficient and reliable WAN service!