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Managed Internet Connectivity

Businesses are as as demanding as gamers when it comes to Internet performance and reliability requirements. Many industries have special requirements from their Internet service, for example: financial services / trading industries have, quite literally, no time to waste.

Go further with fast & reliable business-grade connectivity. Flownet offer a number of options, each with their own advantages and use cases.

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What is Managed Connectivity?

We live in an online world, where Cloud-based services are becoming the future. Thus, the demand for efficient, reliable and fast business-grade internet connectivity has never been greater. Business connectivity isn't like home connectivity. The loss of your home broadband is an inconvinience, whereas the loss of your business connectivity costs time, money and sometimes your reputation.

Flownet's managed connectivity services ensure you stay online, all of the time, with reliable connectivity services, designed for the needs of your business.

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What is a managed service?

Flownet's Managed Internet Connectivity Services

Flownet can help you find the correct internet connectivity service for your business, depending on your business needs. As with many IT related technologies, there are many Internet options available, each with their own unique deployments, advantages and challenges.

A Fully-Managed Internet Connectivity service is an offering by Flownet designed to keep you online, all of the time. Similar to our
Wide Area Networks, we're able to offer anywhere from simple connectivity, to fully redundant and resilient services, all managed by our in-house team of technical experts. We're able to provide a "wires-only" service where you can provide your own routing equipment, or we can provide fully-managed best in class routers, designed to handle whatever tasks you can throw at it!

Service Provisioning

Types of Business-Grade Internet Connectivity

Your Flownet managed internet service can be delivered in a number of ways, all using either single path connections (ideal for small sites), or dual-path / redundant connections, which are ideal for larger sites, or those with requirements where uninterupted internet service is paramount.


ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) works via existing copper telephone lines. They're popular for those who do not require fast speeds, since it's reliable. Due to it's slower speeds but high reliability, it works well for redundant / backup internet circuits. FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) uses the same telephone lines, however it is able to carry much faster speeds, since it uses copper wires from your premises to the BT cabinet, and then fibre cabling from there to the exchange. Whilst FTTC is much faster than ADSL, they both depend on the distance from the exchange. FTTC speeds will drop at around 2-3km, whereas ADSL will drop at around 5-6km.


SoGEA (Single-order Generic Ethernet Access) is a new technology recently made avaliable from BT. It's at the cutting-edge of broadband services for businesses who need similar speeds of FTTC, but don't require the analogue telephone line. SoGEA was invented due to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) switch-off in 2025, to replace the requirement to carry analogue voice on the telephone line.

SoGEA uses the same copper cables as you already have, allowing you to obtain the same fibre speeds, without the analogue voice. This technology is perfect for businesses wanting reliable connectivity, but already have made the switch to VoIP telephony. SoGEA is also a perfect technology to use for businesses who want to offer
home workers dedicated internet connections.

Leased Lines

For organisations requiring enterprise-grade connectivity, especially those transferring large volumes of data between sites, customers / suppliers or the general internet, leased lines are Flownet's recommendation. Leased lines give you a dedicated connection between your building and the exchange - you won't be sharing your connection with any other businesses or consumers. Our leased lines can have redundant ADSL, FTTC or SoGEA secondary connections to ensure uninterupted connectivity for your business!

Our leased lines can be delivered in a range of bandwidths up to a blisteringly fast 10Gbps! We can deliver the speeds you require, with a range of extras such as routed IP subnets. All of our leased lines come with a high response SLA in the unlikely situation that anything goes wrong, with a guaranteed uptime.

Level up your home working!

Home & Remote Worker Broadband

Is your business ready for the new normal? Since the pandemic, remote / home working has become second-nature. At the beginning, we 'made do' with what we had, but as we slowly step out of lockdown; COVID restrictions return to normal, more and more employees will continue to work flexibly from home, full time or part time. Personal home broadband often doesn't have the SLA backing / reliability required. It can be slow or contended with personal smart home (IoT) devices, family members gaming or streaming whilst your employees use the internet for work purposes, and slow residential broadband speeds can all cause difficulty, reducing productivity and frustrating your users.

Flownet can supply dedicated ADSL / FTTC / SoGEA internet circuits to your home workers address, all backed with business-grade lines, SLA agreements and fully managed business-grade routers. We can even configure site-to-site VPNs back to your corporate network, with the required security, ensuring that only work devices can connect to your home-worker broadband circuits. This allows you to extend your office network to your home workers, as if they were in the corporate office - perfect for applications which don't behave nicely with remote worker VPNs. In larger deployments, we can even configure MPLS networks to connect your home workers to your office networks. Home working has never been easier!

Flownet can provide managed, secure and reliable business-grade connectivity to your home workers, ensuring effective homeworking and empowering productivity! For more informtion, contact us today to see how we can help empower productivity in your business!

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