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Multi-Tenant Shared Internet

Let's face it - good internet service is critical to businesses nowadays. Many managed or serviced buildings across the UK either have insufficient internet provision for their tenants, or allow their tenants to purchase their own internet connections, requiring multiple providers to access the building. When implemented properly, multi-tenant internet can be a simple solution, providing high-speed, reliable internet to all tenants, consistently. In addition, multi-tenant internet can be an asset, providing additional income for the property owner.

Flownet are specialists in network infrastructure, with highly-skilled engineers who can create a flexible, fully managed service for your property. Our multi-tenant internet can be used for shared office buildings, leisure parks, or multi-tenant housing (e.g. appartment complexes, etc.) We have the knowledge to ensure the job is done right the first time.

How does it work?

What is Multi-Tenant Internet?

Multi-Tenant Internet is a simplified, alternative way of providing internet access to your tenants, whether you own / manage an office building, or a residential complex. Put simply: we install a high-speed, reliable internet service into your premises, and 'share' this amongst your tenants. This removes the need for tenants to have their own individual internet circuits installed in your building, allowing you to regain control of services entering your building. We fully manage this service, ensuring it's 'hands off' for you, whilst earning you extra revenue.

Important Considerations

Business Considerations of Multi-Tenant Internet Services

As a building owner, there are several elements to consider before installing a multi-tenant internet service into the building. These considerations can often be missed or not properly thought about during the replacement of old systems, or installations of new ones.

For example, have you thought about the following:

— The bandwidth each tenant will require?
— How many tenants will require an internet service?
— Can the bandwidth be increased if the tenant requires it?
— How will you charge the tenant for different bandwidth amounts?
— Traffic shaping - what happens when everyone uses the internet at once (e.g. at lunch time)
— Service continuity - should the connection fail, how will your tenants recieve internet access?
— Integration with existing network infrstructure & switching
— Cabling and Wi-Fi layout for tenants to connect to the service

Flownet can help answer these questions, and relieve your concerns. Let us remove the doubt, and provide you with an asset that not only generates you additional revenue, but keeps your tenants happy with a fast, reliable internet service too!

How does it benefit me?

Generate additional revenue

To many businesses, their internet connection is just another bill - much like their gas or electricity bill. With traditional multi-tenant internet services, an internet connection for a multi-tenant site would be a large investment, proving costly for the building owner until the building reaches higher occupancy.

However, Flownet have another way - we build a plan for your revenue generation, so you can profit from your investment. We will demonstrate how you can re-bill this service to your tenants, generating you additional profits. We will work with you to determine your profits from the service initially, and ongoing as occupancy grows. Our services are tailor-made for your business, ensuring flexibility in a service that grows as your occupancy levels grow.

Let's move forward!

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