For when disaster strikes

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

For the most precious of assets: your data. Businesses increasingly rely on their IT Infrastructure, meaning a simple file-level backup is only half of the story. Flownet's Fully-Managed Business Continuity services are designed for when the worst strikes - ensuring your business can restore productivity in the shortest time possible, minimising distruption and returning to 'business as usual', regardless of the nature of the disaster.

Flownet are Business Continuity experts, from Fully-Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery to Infrastructure Modernisation, we've got you covered.

Disaster Recovery
The key to data safety

What is Disaster Recovery?

If you have a failure within your IT infrastructure, it can quickly lead to major implications for the whole business. Lost productivity quickly escalates, costing thousands - not to mention the damaged reputation when your business is unable to function. The loss of data, loss of trade, and inability to operate normally starts to become a large problem.

Flownet have a vast expertise in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity services. Our solutions replicate your current infrastructure, enabling you to continue functioning as quickly as possible following a disaster. Our services allow for a tailored and coordinated approach to the recovery of your infrastructure, ensuring your downtime after even the worst disasters imaginable is minimal.

Minimising downtime & Protecting business critical systems

What are Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Services?

Traditional data backups simply take a snapshot of your mission-critical data once per day, often of only the files on your servers, not the entire system image / virtual machine itself. Our fully managed Diaster Recovery solutions constantly sync and replicate your entire server estate, business applications and data to our Cloud platform. Our state of the art Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution allows all organisations to quickly and efficiently recover after a disaster.

We work with you to define a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) that works for your organisation - i.e. how quickly your different systems need to be online after the event of a failure. We're able to build a customised solution tailor-made for your organisation, to ensure rapid recovery of your mission-critical business systems in little time, so you can quickly continue operating.

A fully managed service by Flownet allows you to relax, safe in the knowledge that we've got you covered. We use an array of tools to proactively monitor your Diaster Recovery environment, ensuring that it is up-to-date, should you ever need it.

Protecting your business infrastructure

Why you need a Diaster Recovery Plan

Ask yourself - "could we operate as normal if we couldn't access a critical application or set of data?" Like most organisations, you'd likely answer "no". This means designing, implementing and testing a business continuity & disaster recovery plan is a top priority. We're all guilty of believing "it won't happen to us". However, when it does, the results are often catastrophic...

Disasters can happen in numerous ways: from a technical or human error, to a virus or natural disaster such as fire/flood, your organisation is at risk of coming to a rapid stop if you don't have a business continuity plan. Furthermore, the majority of businesses have never tested their plans, meaning they're at risk of substantial and expensive downtime. Often businesses fail to bounce back, meaning major long-term damages to the business, and in extreme cases, a total shutdown.

A disaster recovery plan should enable your business to recover in the most unforseen of circumstances. From loss of building to infrastructure failure / viruses, Flownet can provide tailored solutions for your business. Our solutions ensure full continuity for your business applications, virtual & physical servers. A Flownet disaster recovery solution is fully tailored to your applications and systems, giving you the best protection for your infrastructure.

Your Fully-Managed DR Solution

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Solutions

We live in an Always-On world, a place where downtime is no longer an option. No two businesses are alike - with varying systems, security and urgency requirements, meaning you require a flexible solution that works for your business.

Data Replication & Restoration

Do you rely on mission-critical applications / systems where you'd be severely impacted by significant downtime? If 'yes', then our solutions are perfect for you! With near real-time data replication and rapid recorvery, we can restore even the most intricate of infrastructures quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Flownet operate our own
private cloud infrastructure where we can replicate your servers to, to a public cloud (e.g. Azure), or even on-premise in some scenarios. Our Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution is highly automated and efficient, ensuring you can recover from a single server failure, or an entire infrastructure outage at breakneck speed.

Managing your recorvery

Business IT Infrastructure failures can be disasterous, especially if you don't have the in-house resources to mitigate this risk; to enact restoration if it occurs. Partnering with Flownet can save your business time, money and reputational damage. We manage your recovery from start to finish, ensuring that you're up and running quickly, with seamless recovery for both virtual and physical infrastructures. Each solution is tailored to your recovery timeframe and business requirements.

Complimenting your DR solution

Disaster Recovery vs. Backup - They're not the same!

It's easy to think that Disaster Recovery services superceed backups, however this isn't the case. Whilst Disaster Recovery services extend traditional backups, the aim of a Disaster Recovery service is to provide prompt recovery after a failure, to enable your business to continue working as before. This is not a replacement for traditional backup services which are designed for the preservation of data to "roll back", rather than to restore operations quickly and effectively.

At Flownet, we offer a range of Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions, both which compliment each other, allowing for the ultimate protection of your organisation's data. Our backup solutions allow you to be protected against even the most deadly ransomware through immutable data copies and snapshot technologies.

Let's move forward!

Could we help you?

Every IT infrastructure needs a robust and reliable disaster recovery environment to protect mission-critical applications and systems. At Flownet, we have a vast experience in Disaster Recovery services, with our solutions ensuring your business stays online. After all, uptime always will be the name-of-the-game. Are you interested in Flownet's Diaster Recovery services? We'd love to hear from you and start the journey to providing near-unbreakable protection for your business!