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Managed VoIP Telephony

Our latest technology managed telephony services allow you to run mobile and landline telephony through the same system, reducing costs and improving productivity. You'll be able to extend your office presence from home, ensuring you have complete oversight of what your staff are doing on a daily basis.

What's more - you'll save costs on call time and infrastructure in the process!

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Managed Telephony Explained

What is VoIP Telephony?

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a technology which allows your business to make low-cost telephone calls from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. VoIP works by transmitting voice (phone calls) over the Internet, compared with the traditional, analogue PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). With the PSTN network destined for switch-off in 2025 by BT Openreach, now is the time to make the switch to VoIP.

Flownet's VoIP telephony services are fully managed, meaning we monitor your mission-critical telephone systems to ensure there are no faults or degraded performance. We can deploy a number of configurations to meet your business requirements. Flownet have a vast experience in this field, and can help you along your journey of going fully IP!

The benefits of VoIP

Save money on telephone calls and hardware

Flownet's Managed VoIP telephony packages allow you to work seamlessly, from the office or remotely. VoIP works by transmitting voice over the internet, so gone are the days of having to be physically tethered to your desk. VoIP being a new technology, also comes with numerous benefits - the most noticable of which being the dramatically reduced call costs. VoIP also proves significant savings in hardware and cabling, where you can use your computer or smartphone as a 'softphone', where a physical handset isn't required or wanted.

Do you make international calls often? If so, VoIP can be up to 90% cheaper than the leading analogue telephone supplier on the market, for international calls. Flownet can offer a number of packages for VoIP, tailored to your business requirements. From SIP Trunks only, to full hosted telephony packages, we have the solution for you, regardless of the size of your business.

No On-Premise Servers!

Fully Hosted VoIP Telephony

Do you have a clunky on-premise PBX system, or obsolete on-premise telephone servers? Do you struggle with today's flexible-working, struggling to transfer calls outside of the office, or having to divert to your mobile? If you answered 'Yes', we've got the perfect solution for you! Flownet's Cloud-hosted VoIP systems turn those clunky on-premise 'walls of wires' to a thing of the past! Your phone system will be hosted in the Cloud, using the best in class hardware to ensure ongoing performance, and rock-solid reliability. By the very nature of Cloud-based services, you can use your telephone service anywhere that you have an Internet connection!

Want to answer calls as if you were in the office, when working from home or on the go? No problem! You can make and recieve phone calls using your company phone number or direct dial number, even if you're calling from your mobile. You can use a 'Softphone' on your computer or mobile device, to get the exact functionality of a physical deskphone, on the go or as a permanent fixture.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, flexible working is a must for the survival of businesses. With our Cloud-hosted telephony services, you can simply work from home without any special changes - just pick up your phone and take it home!

Level up your on-premise phone system!

SIP Trunking

Some businesses require on-premise telephone systems, or to integrate with exiting PBX systems. SIP Trunks are the virtual equivilent of old analogue telephone lines, used by VoIP telephony systems. At Flownet, we can provide flexible provisioning of your VoIP services, including SIP trunks, hosted telephony, or a mixture of both! Our SIP trunks come with simple, easy to understand per-minute pricing, and the same fully-managed service as our hosted telephony services.

Simple yet powerful

Call monitoring, storage and more!

All of Flownet's fully-managed telephony services come with many enterprise features, such as IVRs, call groups and call storage / recording facilities. We can record and store your calls, whether they were made through on-premise PBX servers, or through the cloud. You can easily find any calls you need, on demand and easily accessible. Finding calls for training purposes, complaints or for HR / Legal issues has never been easier! At the touch of a button, you can have complete peace of mind, with automated recording and archiving of your calls, on a retention policy that works for you!

With all of Flownet's VoIP services, you'll recieve a free report each month with your invoice containing a record of every call made, by every extension on your phone system. You'll recieve full details, such as the cost of the call (if outside of your plan), duration, and by who. You have complete control and oversight - no more mystery phone bills!